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[this is good] He would, when I am broke :(

alexis olson

AH!  I am a Matsumoto ichiban, but Sho comes as a close second, so I don't know if I should save my money for a possible concert this summer or go to NY!  Ah!  For all of you who live in New York, I hope you realize how lucky you are!


This is the second time an arashi member came around when I was broke!




O.O omg thank you for the news!! i really wanna go :x

Storm News!

I wanna go too but there isn't money for that too :(

Storm News!

I know! I want that NY ARASHI Fans go and tell him that we want ARASHI in AMERICA. 

Storm News!

yeah! me too :)


I would so go if the trains could get me there in time.  And if I had the money.  Stupid 8 hour train ride T^T

Timothy Kauffman

[this is good] Excuse, I have thought and have removed the idea

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